Monday, November 30, 2009

Would white nail polish look good?

i have indian colored skin and i was wondering if white nail polish would look good?Would white nail polish look good?
I can see where you're going with it...the contrast between the white and your darker complexion...however I think it might be a bit too much. Try using a lighter color that isn't as light as white (a pastel shade) or try getting a French manicure. A French is simple enough for every day, but also looks very elegant for special occasions.Would white nail polish look good?
Yeah! It looks great. I also have Indian coloured skin, and while black or dark plum nail polish looks the best, white also looks good; a testament to this fact is that I have a bottle of white nailpolish that I use to put on my whole nail, and one from a French manicure kit.

I would definitely give it a try! However, stay away from other pale nail polishes; while white provides really nice contrast, light blue, light purple etc will just make you look darker.
I think soo :)

Just apply a clear top coat so it doesn't look like you were trying to do a french white tip :)

Could you answer mine? Its not showing up in the main bulletin thing;鈥?/a>
White was all over the catwalks for spring/summer 09 so is ultra chic...BUT it's really hard to wear, especially if you don't want it to look like TipEx! You have dark skin so it will probably suit you better than fair skin. Give it a go, if you don't like it you can take it off again! x
yes! everyone wears black nail polish now. i have darker skin and i wear white nail polish and get comments all the time on it. it's the exact opposite, but still really cool. all my friends are starting to wear it now too.

good way to stand out and be ahead of the crowd.
well that depends what shade of white u get. for darker skin, i would go with a lighter shade of white, and maybe a frosty white, not just plain white. or maybe try a plain white, with a gloss finish, i think that would look great!
White nail polish would look great on your skin tone. But off white or a pearlescent white would look even better! It would 'pop' more..Especially on the toes! hope this helps...
white nail polish alwyas looks good!

it also looks very clean and goes with anything, as long as you paint it on good!:)
not all the way white, but it'd be cute like if you got a skinny brush and did zebra stripes on them.
yeah it would. and you should put a sheer glitter or something over it. that looks really pretty too.
Yeah white polish looks good on anyone who's not pasty white
add one dark color and it would look perfect (not black or brown)

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