Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can you take nail polish out of jeans?

I got red nail polish on my jeans and don't know how to get it offCan you take nail polish out of jeans?
Try putting your jeans in the freezer for a few minutes, then chipping off the hardened polish.Can you take nail polish out of jeans?
Nail polish remover?
almighty power of Easy Off! or you can try windex also..hope this helps hun..good luck..
yea u can ... wash it or use a nail remover.. if ur jeans smell like a nail remover wash it afterwards =][=
I dont think that I would put NPR on it think it acts like bleach
well when that happened to me it was really difficult to get it out but i soaked that part of my jeans that had nail polish in nail polish remover and then i got a pin, like a sewing pin or needle and i kind of scratched out with that and it worked for me, i hope it works for you! :) but you should try to find a nail polish remover without acetone because that can kind of act like bleach
Nail polish remover. Then wash but don't dry in case it's still there.
Nail polish remover. it REMOVES NAIL polish lol
Nail Polish Remover, then wash it in the machine.

Or windex.
Use Easy Off, spray some on, let it set for a minute and rub with a rag.
nail Polish remover maybe it might damage the color of ur jeans or maybe try that steam cleaning it good luck =D if all doesn't work buy new jeans
use a little bit of nail polish remover!!!
you can try nail polish remover. it hasnt hurt any of my jeans but they were really light jeans and idk if it will stain dark jeans. you may want to try it in a little spot and see what happens. preferably get acetone free polish remover. if not, try to get anything wet off of it and try to pick away at any dry polish. then use a stain remover that is okay for jeans and try to wash it away. hope this helps!
i did that too, and put remover on my jeans, ran it through the wash, and it ate a hole in my jeans..i just leave it makes you more individual to have a glob of something on your pants..
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