Saturday, November 28, 2009

What nail polish would fit me?

i have dark brown hair, tanish skin and my favorite color is purple.What nail polish would fit me?
For the fall i would go with darker colors like different types of purple,maroons, and for summer go with lighter colors like lavendars, and pinks.What nail polish would fit me?
pink or blue
purple 'cause it's pretty and it's your favorite
okay since youre like totally rocker like you said id go with purple or black .. you might be like black no way but a lot of people are wearing it these days [or from what i see] but purples cool too .. you could do purple first and then when you want that off you could paint them black .. that'd be cool. but its up to you
id say dark purple.

it would look really nice.

ure skin tone seems to be like mines......I wear the lighter colors like soft pinks, soft orange and soft purple b.c that is my favoirt color also...and it makes my skin looks nice fresh clean and clear .....u understand!

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