Monday, November 30, 2009

Is the Nicole by OPI nail polish good?

I know OPI is really good my friend has so much of it and i love to use it the colors are rich and it stays on long, but it's expensive and only in salons. I saw Nicole by OPI at the drugstore and is it as good as OPI since it's by the same brand? Is there even a difference? And what are some of the best colors? I love matador red from OPI (i think it's discontinued) and Lincoln Park After Dark. Anything similar to those? Or should i just save my money and get a less expensive brand? Thank you!Is the Nicole by OPI nail polish good?
get nicole. its like the same. i have a mix of OPI and nicole and theyre the same. its just like hollister and abercrombie. theyre partner companies and they have the same clothes styles (as in prints and jeans etc.)

but remember to put a top coat!Is the Nicole by OPI nail polish good?
nicole is great!!! Theres not much of a difference between the two!

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