Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is OPI nail polish worth the extra expense?

i am obsessed with my nails...i have tons of colors, but never could bring myself to spend $7.50 on one color by OPI, is it worth it? does the polish last longer? does it not chip? what makes it expensive?Is OPI nail polish worth the extra expense?
OPI has some good colors but it will not last longer than the cheaper brands. A really longe wearing nail polish that is cheap is Sally Hansen, it lasts for days!Is OPI nail polish worth the extra expense?
it will last longer if you use a base and top coat, but so will cheap polish. and if you wear acrylics, polish lasts longer on them then natural nails.
i personally dont think its any different! they use it at salons and stuff but idk. i have a bottle and it doesnt chip as fast. it lasts liek a day or maybe two longer.
don' bother buying the expensive stuff. i hardly ever wear polish but used my friend's OPI polish. lasted one day then it started to chip. i'd say stick to the inexpensive stuff and save some money for MORE colors!
I haven't tried it yet but, I'm told it's good polish. If you think that's expensive, I paid $18 for a bottle of Estee Lauder and it's not really that good. Lancome has one that claims to last a week and it does. I think it's about $14 or $15. Worth it if you don't like painting your nails every 2 days. The bottle will last you a long time.

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