Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is gray nail polish in style?

i hate the black nail polish fad, but someone told me gray is now in style. Is gray nail polish in style?
French mani with colored tips. You don't have to get fake nails. They can do the gel on top of your real nails so it doesn't mess it up. For toes, solid shades with no shimmer, sparkles or whatever.Is gray nail polish in style?
well it depends on what kind of gray. like silver is in, and you can even get some old navy nail polish that is what im wearing now. it is silver and it has blue and red sparkles. its called starry night. its only for old navy so you cant get it anywhere else.'s in, especially the silver-grey. I read it in Vogue and the example used in Vogue was the Chanel Kaleidoscope. Look the colour up and see if u like it, or not!
i think gray is going to be THE hot thing for fall, and i like it even f it ISNT is style. I would definately wear it, you should if you LIKE it. Not because it's in style.
definately not.

toooo boring.

gray shouldnt be a color,

neon is in baybee.
grey is too plain. go for something such as red.

it will bring the beauty out!
nah where i live it is bright like pinks yellows reds white just whatever u like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine are hott pink
go with whatever u like

nahh atleast not in my school


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