Monday, November 30, 2009

What color nail polish should i wear with a white dress?

the dress has some gold on it tooWhat color nail polish should i wear with a white dress?
I think French manicure goes with it!What color nail polish should i wear with a white dress?
I don't know but I've seen plenty of celebrities wear either a french manicure (colorless with white edges across nail) or basically nothing, just a good manicure. I think either one, but especially the French would fit the white dress. The plain manicure would also be understated and classy looking.
How old are you and where are you going to be wearing this dress? I would suggest a clear polish with little gold glitter in it if it is a formal affair. If that sounds too ';old lady';, how about just a french manicure. What do your nails look like? Do you want them to outshine your rings and other jewelry? Be careful not to wear anything that will look cheap. Less is more applies here. Good Luck!
French tips would look great. How fancy is the occasion? You could be bold and have your nails be neutral but put gold glitter polish on the tips. However, all the glitter-based polishes I've used are hard to remove, but on the other hand they stay on your nails for a long while!
white french tip manicure

or a

gold french tip manicure

a dark color

or a soft color

that doesnt stand out

as much as the dress
depending on the event

any color like red, gold, or pink
I think that you should get a french manicure and then ask for some gold flowers. that would look cute
it depends on the ocassion but dark colors would look cute like black, red, purple, navy..
a rosie pink very light but elegant
a deep purple

or medium toned red.
A french manicure.

it's elegant and would look great with that.




-Navy Blue

black, red or gold

you pick :]
i think red or pink. thats what i would do.
light or hot pink
Maybe Red or Goldish

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