Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you die from sniffing finger nail polish remover?

and i'm not asking because i do it.Can you die from sniffing finger nail polish remover?
no you cant.Can you die from sniffing finger nail polish remover?
I did.

s called an inhalant

Also the reason those under 18 can't buy strong glue/sharpies

One of the most prominent causes of death in pre-teens/teens

EDIT: To the person who said that if it were deadly, they wouldn't sell it in stores. Please. Do not believe that. You can die from swallowing cleaning chemicals, huffing inhalants, having furniture drop on your head...and all are sold in stores.
Probably the worst that will happen is that you'll get a real bad headache, but it does say on the bottle not to inhale it!
Nope lol.
NO or they wouldnt sell it in stores

and when you go into the nail salon that all you smell
hahahaha u r low finger polish remover ... dnt even get u high go for a bit of weed, canibas,,, cocain if ur crazy for a high
Yes, I believe you can. I believe it is called huffing. It damages brain cells.
I always do that to fool around.

It doesn't kill you, but IT'S A STRONG SMELL! xD
Ya of coarse, like drug or alcohol it creeps up on you until you want more and more until you cant handle it no more.people are finding different way every day now just to give them a high.Believe it or not it is possible.
yes its more dangerous than weed and alcohol your inhaling bits of the liquid into your lungs its like drinking small amounts of nail polish
If this is the last you hear from me, then yes.
You kill brain cells when you sniff, most people need every single one they have ,,,, and more
NO! :-)
Nail polish remover is an inhalant, and yes, you can die from inhaling too much of it. Sniffing any type of inhalent causes brain cells to die which leads to brain damage.
Don't do it and you won't have to worry about it.
if its something that is done excessively it can harm or kill you. Excessive exposure to the fumes can cause brain damage. (as with any inhalant)
if u did it for like hours everyday or something like that if it was the kind that was cheap tehn yea maybe but if its the safe one no
.....why would you want to sniff finger nail polish remover?

that doesnt seem to smart.
no. you only becomes more and more stupid as your brain deteriorates.

it's worse than death.
No, you may get a head ache, dizzy or even lite headed but that's about it
No. But you lose brain cells and it's unhealthy and can cause cancer.
maybe im not sure probally not
No, no you can't.
wth no
I don't know but it pains me to know that ppl would actually

try it.

You can die your first inhale from inhaling spray paint so

I think nail polish might not be far off. Probably killing some

brain cells at the least.
If you sniffed it once by accident, no. If you sniffed it like multiple times a day regularly, it's possible.

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