Monday, November 30, 2009

After nail polish is removed, fingernails stained yellow?!?

Everytime I remove my nail polish after it's been on for along time, my fingernails are stained yellow. Couple of things.

1) will it go away?

2) how long wil it take?

3) is this something wrong?

4) what is it?

btw its any colour nail varnish that stains yellow, not yellow nail polish stains yellow.After nail polish is removed, fingernails stained yellow?!?
It might be you've left it on too long. Try not to leave it as long as you have been maybe only for 3-5 days? Something like that.

Also to prevent this happening put a clear coat of nail polish on first before painting your desired colour ontop, to ';protect'; your nails from the colour.

Good Luck Hope I Helped%26lt;3 [:After nail polish is removed, fingernails stained yellow?!?
Use a base coat.. buy it where you buy nail polish... It wont stain your nails and the nail polish will be easier to get off
This happened to me a few times too. It does go away eventually, but it takes quite some time. It took me about 6 months; but I wore other nail varnishes whilst my fingernails were still stained - I don't know if this made it take less time or more.

To fix this all you need to do is use a base coat before applying nail varnish; a clear one would be best. Hope this helps :)
The reason why your nails turn yellow is because they haven't been getting oxygen. The nail polish blocks your nails from getting oxygen.

Its happens to everyone who leaves there nail polish on for too long or is always wearing nail polish.

A base coat doesn't prevent them from becoming yellow but it will help a little. You have to wait until your nails to grow out. That is the only way that they will become normal colour again.

Dont leave your nail polish on for so long. It's not good for your nails. Try a week with polish then a week without.

Dont worr you don't have a disease or anything.

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