Saturday, November 28, 2009

What color nail polish goes best on me?

i have pale skin and red hair and and green blue brown eyes i always where none or black what color do u think goes best?What color nail polish goes best on me?
It depends on what kind of effect you want. Here are my favorite Essie nail colors that I think would suit you:

1. Sugar Daddy for a quick, natural French manicure look. This is a pale sheer pink that enhances everyone's nails.

2. Swing Velvet for a dramatic, formal look. It is a deep, rich red with a slight shimmer.

3. Buy Me a Cameo - a pearly champagne/taupe. Neutral but elegant.

If you like the drama of black, consider OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark %26amp; Lincoln Park After Midnight as alternatives. They are a really deep, dark eggplant that look almost black.What color nail polish goes best on me?
girl a french mani will look great on any one if its done probly hope that hepled hunni xxx
i think that you should try colours that match what you are wearing
thry one that matches both your eys and hair color but in all reality choose the one you like best

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