Monday, November 30, 2009

What color toe nail polish?

Im african-american and my skin color is like a jennifer hudson skin tone.....I think i might get a pedicure soon but dont know if i should go with clear or is there a good nail color for skinWhat color toe nail polish?
Go with a really light purple. Or lavender. It will look amzing with your skin tone! =]What color toe nail polish?
light to medium pink color. don't get french tip b/c it doesnt show up too well on toes only do it on your hands. A pink shade will suite ur skin tone very very well.
blue red


maybe a nice green

black would even look good if your into black nails lol

just not yellow white or brown !
I like neutral soft pinks- Like Issi Mademoiselle or Ballet Slippers.
Deep blue-ish red, if you know what I mean? Like, a berry color.

Have fun!
If you don't get clear, I would get bright red! I definetly complements your skin tone.
I would go with a pink a litle light pink
get french tip, light pink, white tip . !
yeah, go with a light pink! it looks fab on dark skin
Either french tip or hot pink (:

it would look HOT!

best of luck
light red or pink
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