Saturday, November 28, 2009

What do you think of black nail polish??

I think its great! I have done it before it was a biggole trend. What do you think about it. I get it with glitter over it, it looks so cute! Someone I know used to hate it but now does it since everyone does it. Isnt that annoying????What do you think of black nail polish??
hmm...i dont follow trends...i do what i like.

if im in the mood for black nailpolish, i'll go for it...but if people are doing it because every1 else is doing it then it bothers me too.

try midnight blue nailpolish with glitter....its cute too...looks like the night sky.

and i hate it how people label certain things as goth or preppy.... its all the same to me. id rather some1 hate black nailpolish because they dont like the way it looks on nails rather than hate it cuz its ';goth';What do you think of black nail polish??
Its alright
I've always thought it was chic.
I like black nail polish but I think it looks better on shorter nails than on long ones Yes that is very annoying when people start doing something that you have been doing for a long time!!
They remind me of Cat Womans...Meow!
I don't care for black nail polish........
i do it because i like it and not cause other people do it. i used to think it was wierd until someone painted my nails that color!!! and you wanna know whats annoying?!?!?!? wannabe punk posers! thats whats annoying. hmmmmm who could i be talking about.............................

(you started it)
its so awesome!!! i luvv black nailpolish!!
I hate it...but thanks for asking
I going to do it soon.
I think it looks great, I'm a guy and not gothic, emo or punkish and I wear it sometimes. I've trried L'Oreal No. 200, its purple but looks so dark it's almost black.
I like tha black nail polish thing still.
I hate it. it looks like the people who wear it are goth. I dont like it much
omg do we seriously have to talk about this? what happened to sports and fourwheelers.
ya it is annoying . . . i didn like it either but now ill wear it on my toes and if ima put it on my hands itll be like a black tip its still qt
I'm wearing it right now, and that ALL I'll ever wear, before the trend and after the trend. I don't care about trends, I'm wearing BLACK!
Glitter over top of the black polish would not be too bad but I don't really care for it . . . I prefer a deep blood red.
i think silver polish is better. I wear bullet color everyday. I love it.
too gothic, disgusting
it is hot and make sure you do your toes to with it
black nail Polish looks awful, I like cute shades of pink or purple
It's Cool
I think its too rocker chick. Its not gonna be a fad later on.
I love it...I wear it when I find the time to paint them
Hate it! Nothing ';SEXY'; about it!
I like it! Though not for every day Ive only worn it once and that was for about a week! Im more of a neon colors girl! I like thuings like purple green blue bright pink red and really bright colors!! Oh god I hate it when people like things just because its a fad. It makes them fashion zombies!!
Hmmmm....nah. I'm not into the gothic thing.
I don't care for it but if that is what you like then go for it
I love it just got mynails done today black for my birthday.
I wear it occasionally- when I'm feeling punk-ish

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