Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bright nail polish colors for this summer-Tacky or cute?

For hands, as well as feet.

What do you think?Bright nail polish colors for this summer-Tacky or cute?
I don't think bright nail polish colors are ever tacky as long as they're in season and they're not on SUPER long french nails with a bunch of rhinestones.

I wear hot pink nailpolish all the time and I get compliments.Bright nail polish colors for this summer-Tacky or cute?
SUPER cute. OPI is great, but if you're looking to spend a bit less you could try NYC. French is more classic, but it's harder to do yourself and it's expensive to get done at a salon.
well it depends on wat color. like:

try hot pink/ocean blue/light orange

pik frum 1 of those cuz they r perfect for the summer

but try putting like flower designs on them ^^

i think its cute :D

like pink,orange,turqoise is nice;;

as well a a lota other colors ; )
If it matches your skin tone It will be very cute! OPI has several colors just for the summer time!! Google OPI. i hope that you like them!!
i prefer french tipped

you can go get it done at a salon or i like using kiss everlasting french
i LOve bright colors especially neon

Get THem definantly%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;...
Bright colors for summer are definitely in, on hands or feet.
for the feet is a definite (cute)

for hands it can be perceived as tacky
I like bright colors but those dusty rose and matte pinks are in I think.
with a good tan i LOVE bright nail polish!!=) and even if your not tan... its not tacky @ all!
totally cute. I love opi's Paige denim line!
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