Saturday, November 28, 2009

Does strengthening nail polish really help?

Sometimes. It depends on you, and really on how much you use it.Does strengthening nail polish really help? starts form new nail growth not the existing mail. Start putting it on and changing it 2wice a week. push your cuticles back also. You will see the new nail from the back growing out a little thicker than the extsting nail. There will be a little bump. if you paint your nails then use the strengthener as a base coat everythime.Does strengthening nail polish really help?
Yes it does if you continue the instruction of the bottle and follow the routine. Which isn't hard at all.

I recommend Revita Nail or Nail Tek

Everyone I know who use this gets results.

Especially Revita Nail
eh... didnt work for me.

im a nail bitter and went ';sober'; for a month.

then i used sally hanses nail strenghter (a silver bottle) and it didnt do much difference than what a 99 cent top coat polish could do.
yes i use it all the time when i dont have acrylics on because it strengthens the nails after the fake nails ruin them

answer mine?;鈥?/a>
yes but make sure it a good brand not a shotty brand

check this site out
i think so

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