Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is the best nail polish?

want it to last longer than any regular nail polish..What is the best nail polish?
OPI nail polish is my absolute favorite! I also love their nail polish because they have tons of colors to choose from. If you put on a layer of ';base coat'; polish, then 2 layers of the colored polish, and finally a layer of ';top coat'; polish, your nails should stay cute for awhile. hope that helps! =)What is the best nail polish?
as a registered manicurist, I can tell you that there is no easy answer to this question. A lot of what makes one polish last better on you is your own chemistry. Some people have oilier nails than others, so what lasts on them, may not last as well on you if your nails are dry. A lot depends on the condition of your nails. If your nails are in poor condition, peeling splitting and all that, then nothing will last particularly well.

As a professional nail tech, I like Essie nail polish best, and then OPI as a distant second. But, there are plenty of non salon brands out there that will do the ';job';. I would suggest staying away from the super fast drying polishes as they have a lot of alcohol in them, which makes them dry fast, but because of this, they just don't last.

My recommendation is to make sure your nails are in great shape and make sure you use a base coat and a top coat. Leaving out these important steps can pretty much guaranty that your polish wont last more than a day or two. I like Creative Nail Design's ';Sticky'; base coat and Seche Vite for a top coat.

Hope this helps!
if you are looking for a cheap nail polish that's satisfactory Sally Hansen would be good. On the other hand if your looking for an average nail polish then try O.P.I but, if you want the obsolute best then china glaze which is a little bit more expensive would be the best.
OPI without a doubtt.

If you want a drugstore alternative, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is probably the best (from Wal-Mart/Target, etc)
I find that Sally Hansen nail polish lasts the longest, especially when you paint over with a clear coat.

used them forever.
OPI it lasts the longest time without chips.
OPI!!!!!!!!! or Sally Hansen(:
yesss; opi is great!

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