Saturday, November 28, 2009

What kind of nail polish color in ';in'; now?

p.s im 14 and im currently wearing black=)What kind of nail polish color in ';in'; now?
Just wear what you think is pretty.

They're just colors :)

But if you aren't punk at all, don't do black.... it's just annoying when some people do it.What kind of nail polish color in ';in'; now?
Black is definitely still in! Especially since Halloween is approaching. But, also, very dark and light purples are in. Anything purple, whether it's clothes or nail polish is in this fall. Pearly white is also in. Not bright white, though, like White-Out.
black is cute , fresh and punk. but now im looking towards a heavy hue of purple or a cocoa brown. but french manicure is definitely out of the pic, like its formal but for everyday, get real! p.s. i luv black n i wear it 2. im 15 if u wanted 2 know, so i can relate
pastel colors, like light pink and light lavender.
purples are in... look into the opi french collection
i dont know, but i stick with my good ol' french manicures

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