Monday, November 30, 2009

What nail polish will make my nails grow faster?

which brand of nail polishWhat nail polish will make my nails grow faster?
I have Wet n Wild, Nail Tek, and Sally Hansen; these work but basically, any nail polish that says nail hardener on it makes your nails grow. They don't really make it grow faster, they just make it stronger so that it can grow long.

Hope that helps.What nail polish will make my nails grow faster?
yeahh the sally hansen is the best:)

i have the worst habit of biting my nails and when i used it i forgot about biting them and now my nails are fine :)

thers loads of different kinds of sallty hansen ones but the best would have to be the nail growth miracle :)

its in a gold bottle

theres one in a blue bottle but its not as good
I have all three of those!!!! And the best I would have to say would be the Sally Hansen. Theres also something that works nicely called Qtica. But its extremely expensive.

Try Sallly Hansen!
none, nails grow at a consistant rate and any product that claims to speed up the process is lying .
I've got this Nutra Nail stuff and its green tea and its supposed to help your nails grow.
sally hansen is a good beauty product. look into that.
O.P.I and Sally Hansen are probably the best ones to use.
saley hansen

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