Saturday, November 28, 2009

What are your thoughts on black nail polish?

on fingers.What are your thoughts on black nail polish?
theres nothing wrong with it... it's just another color.

for people who are like OMG THATS GOTH or YOU ARE A FREAK they need to get a life.

it's personal choice.

:)What are your thoughts on black nail polish?
Not for me cause Im very white. If you are tan it would look good. I love the color red raven in love my nails it looks almost black, and its like a buck!
To me that ain't my style but if you think that no other color math with what you do go ahead ,do your thing?
its ok but i would chose alittle lighter color like a dark purple instead so it dosnt seem too bad but good luck with anything you use
I love that color on finger nails cuz it just looks so cool.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
that they are gothic
It would be far cooler on your teeth.......
it looks good on some people but not all, but if they've gone goth, then its kinda scary to see it on guys...

It might look great if you have short, well-groomed fingernails. But I would try out a dark brown or dark burgundy instead - it will give the same funky look without making people think that you're ';goth'; or something.
I thinks its ugly and so gothic!
I love it!!!!!
Goth girls with black nail polish are hot
Extrememely tacky. Only black dogs have black nails, like Labrador Retreivers.
It is soooooooo overdone! Can't people think of something different or are you all like sheep?
It goes with everything.
i think it's cool.
its horrible!!!!!!
Well first i would think goth but if you can work it honey go for it
I don't know about this one. I know Victoria Beckham wears a nearly black polish and it looks really good on her, I suppose if your dark skinned and the nails are long then it may be ok
it works on a lot of people. i dont wear it, but i dont really wear any nail polish. its actually really cool it you use another color on top of it to make some kind of design or something. i have a friend you does that and it looks awesome. her skin is a light shade of brown, and it looks nice on her.
On guys it's cool.
please don't do it to your fingernails

I think it looks nice on very dark black women. Personally I only use it to stop runs in my black tights.
i think with the right outfit it would look goth, and with the other outfit maybe gay, and with this outfit a prep-but-goth-wannabe. personally, i like it, its kinda cool with dark jeans and a black and white striped top or something. peace in...
It makes your fingers look bruised! BRUTAL! it should only be worn on Halloween!
Sooooooo eighties.



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