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Can I put Finger nail Polish on my 5 week old rat terrier.?

Can I put fingernail polish on my 5 week old rat terrier.? Can I put Finger nail Polish on my 5 week old rat terrier.?
No you cant. Normally I wouldnt be saying something like this because i try not to judgemental but - 5 weeks old puppies that are seperated from their mom and siblings need a lot of extra care and attention (i know because we have had our pup ssince she was 4 wks 5 days because her mother was harming her pups) and from the sounds of it - you shouldnt have the puppy right now.

EDIT: Im sorry but saddens me that people treat their dogs like baby dolls.Can I put Finger nail Polish on my 5 week old rat terrier.?

1. YOu should not have a 5-week old puppy. That is way too young. At 5-7 weeks, the puppy is learning about bite inhibition from its litter mates.

2. You should be getting the puppy used to clipping nails so grooming isn't a hassle or fearful event. So you should be just sanding a little bit off of each nail each week. So nail polish (even for pets) is counter to that. Unless you intend to put polish on and then 2-3 days later sand it off.

3. A puppy sucks and chews on everything. Separate from the issue of whether or not to put nail polish on any pet, it is a TERRIBLE idea to do so for a puppy. Even if you use non-toxic polish, the puppy will chew on it which is not good for the paws or pads.
Why would you even ask this? This is undoubtedly the dumbest question I've read today...and that's saying something! Would you put nail polish on a five week old human baby? Wait, don't answer that...I'm scared to know what you would do!

Dogs are not dolls; If you want to play dress-up, get a Barbie Doll, and leave the poor dog alone.

Sounds like you need a barbie doll instead of a dog! Dogs are not accessories!

Plus, your dog is way too young to be with you. It should be with its mother for at least another 3 weeks. You are supporting BYB's by being so irresponsible and taking a pup that young. Way to go.
Why the hell would you want to?

1. It's a dog!

2. It's a baby!

3. Dogs lick and bite their paws, therefore will injest nail polish! ICK!!!

4. Do you want to make your puppy sick?

Get it!!!!
I do all the things Izzi does to my dog and the Pet store sales polish so why not. Make sure your dog doesn't lick it while wet. F what everyone else says about not doing it.Go to pet smart and have some fun!
No, not human nail polish anyways. They do make polish for dogs, but even then I think its reccommended to use on pups that are at least 8 weeks.

a 5 week old rat terrier should still be with its mom and litter mates anyways.
if you would like to put polish on the dog's nails, they do sell caps that are different colors at your local petstore and can be placed on the dog's nails. they are safe. and fall right off when the nails grow out.
I'm not sure why you would want to, but if you just want to paint one toenail, it would be OK. I wouldn't do much more than that though in case he decides to lick or chew at it.
I had a friend once that always painted her dogs nails. The dog died of a blood disorder and I think it was the nails polish.

Dogs are not suppose to wear nail polish.
Animals are not dress-up figres hun.

Want to pain nails and dress up something.

Two words:

Barbie Doll.

:) Please use common sense.
not yet.

wait until she.(im assuming) is at least 4 months then look on the polish bottle for a age


No you can't. Dogs are not dolls and shouldn't be treated like dolls.
Dont abuse your poor puppy like that! i hope the aspca takes your animals away from you. It's a LIVE animal! Leave it alone!
Well I can't think of a reason why you can't. I pretty sure you can. It won't hurt your puppy.
Peace. (:, I love the look of a rat terrier. They are so cute.
Yes I used nailpolish on puppies from birth to tell them apart.
why the F would you want to do that a dog is not an Fing doll
Puppy is WAY too young. Sorry.
NO NO NO NO the pup will chew it off and it is toxic !!!!
I paint my dogs and cats nails. I even dress them up in clothes. Although I baby my animals like children even taught them to talk. My Vet thought it was cute and said that it's no harm. Better to love them then neglect and abuse them.

Yes cats can say mama, hi, bye, and so much more. Just takes time!
OMG YOU HAVE A RAT TERRIER!!!!!??????!!!!!!!

SWEET! I do too! I don't know anyone who has one!!!!

AND I have painted mines toes b4!

It doesnt hurt them it just looks cute!

What your name? Mine Peanut and SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!

Can I c a pic of urs?

LUV YA!!!!!!!!!

Sure! Just make sure it's non toxic. Some pet stores sell pet friendly nail polishes on all kinds of cute colors.

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