Monday, November 30, 2009

What do you think of OPI nail polish?

thoughts?What do you think of OPI nail polish?
I like the color selection of OPI, but I am hooked on Sally Hansen now. I also like Piggy Polish. I even have some cheap Wet N' Wild that doesn't chip as fast as some of my OPI polish does.What do you think of OPI nail polish?
I really, really like it and definitely recommend it. The colours are great and there's a really big range, but the thing I most like about OPI is it lasts for ages, it is the longest lasting nail polish brand I've ever tried and it doesn't chip much at all and not for about a week!
I love it-but I buy more China Glaze because it's cheaper and is good quality. My fave OPI color is Lincoln Park After Dark/ fave China Glaze is Ruby Pumps.
OPI is okay but a bit over rated ppersonally i like Gosh and Barry M better or if you are going for bargain try colection 2000 as they are cheap with similar colours!
I really like their color selections, but I love china glaze. More polished.

ANSWER MINE? :);鈥?/a>
i like opi,

but its a bit expencive.

i just buy cheap nail polish

and put ';out the door'; top coat on top

because its really good,

it makes even dollar store nail polish look good
The same thing I think of other polishes... I do tend to buy OPI more because I love the color choices and the bottle is cute.
OPI is a very good brand of nail polish. It is a little expensive but worth it.
I love OPI, they have an awesome color selection, but a little too expensive for me!
they have nice colors and its good quality but i think its a bit over rated. its a little expensive too.
OPI nail color is by far the best. Gorgeous colors, and easy to use
good nailpolish lil pricy rather buy sephora nailpolish love there pinks
Good but China Glaze is the best - I think.

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