Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Nail Polish Is In?

i want to do my nails but i dont know what color. suggestions?What Nail Polish Is In?
a flourecent color, like a bright pink, or u could always do a classic french tip,it never gets oldWhat Nail Polish Is In?
Ok now if your talking high fashion or high school try

Lime green(NOT from Claire's...try sally hansen) *7

Navy Blue *1

Hunter Green *2

Purple (plum, royal...anything but violet) *4

Matte Teal (don't do metallic teal that's so 2 years ago) *3

Burgundy or Dark Red *5

Coral - good summery colour *6

I know dark colours seem kinda boring but they're whats hot...and super dramatic

In you want more classic or something younger

french tips are nice

any kind of pink (preferably bubble gum)

and mint

Try Sally Hansen Insta Dry or OPI for the darker colours

Hope I Helped :)

BTW despite what people say neon nail polish is out neon clothing is in
Purple Plum is the latest fall nail color. All the celebs are wearing it, and it looks fab with any skin tone. Stands out, too
whatever color you would like to wear or whatever color goes with your outfit.
neons, at my school are very in, i'm talking....

construction worker oragne

lazer lemon yellow

LIME green

bright teal

HOT pink
Very bright ugly highlighter colors are in now...but I think you do navy blue or purple or a peachish orange.
passion orange aka really bright orangeish red.

lime green

and any kind of pink

hot pink

mostly dark colors

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