Saturday, November 28, 2009

When Nail Polish Remover Fails ?

anyone got anyway 2 help out???? i have this gold sparkley nail polish and it like 3 years old or something. it took me 5 hours to get off! nail polish remover didnt work, so i bought new nail polish. anyone got any other ideas on how i could get it off%26gt;?When Nail Polish Remover Fails ?
The sparkly stuff is notoriously difficult to get off, I am sorry to say.

If you don't have acrylics, try pure acetone. Soak your nails for a bit, and then take an orange stick after the sparkly stuff has softened and scrape it off with the orange stick.

Since I had acrylics when I had my run in with the gold sparkles, I ended up having to sand the stuff off with a nail file. Just use it gently, like a buffer, and be sure you stop when you get down to your natural nail (or your acrylic nail, if you have those). But try the pure acetone first, if at all possible.

Best of luck.When Nail Polish Remover Fails ?
Off of WHAT? Your fingers?

Try a different type of acetone.
Acetone, from a beauty supplie
Let It soak in a mix of Acetone, paint thinner, and peroxide...

(with acetone being the most concentrated....the paint thinner and peroxide just deal with any weird compounds not soluble to acetone.)

10 min max, and wash your hands well and put lotion on your fingers...

(Suffice to say, we do lots of traveling on the gymnastics team and I don't exactly wake up easily. lol)
you can start to us the nail remover and then you can us a bush and it mite come off.

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