Monday, November 30, 2009

Should i get pink or black nail polish?


if your a teen or close: wear black cos it goes with like everything!

if your older: maybe red or pink well it realy gose with what ur wearing.Should i get pink or black nail polish?

funky colors. esp hot pink and blak.Should i get pink or black nail polish?
either works. it depends on the look you're going for. pink if you're feeling a tad on the girly side. black if you want to be a little more rebelious. or both if you want a scene punk look.
Both! I usually alternate pink and black on my toes, and do all black on my fingers.
Pink for me. If you are a teen you can wear black, it is quite dramatic, but it is not a good look for an older mum like me. I don't think my daughter would approve at all.
both! i think it would be cute to do a kind of french manicure with pink nails and black tips :)

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