Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the best black nail polish? Iv'e heard it's Chanel?!?

I was wondering what is the best black nail polish ? I am thinking about painting my nails black and all my friends say that it is Chanel -black satin but I just wanna make sure because i dont want my black to look too gothy because im not gothic?!What is the best black nail polish? Iv'e heard it's Chanel?!?
Well Chanel is the best for pretty much any nail polish, I know from personal experience. But dark purples are in for fall.What is the best black nail polish? Iv'e heard it's Chanel?!?
I have the black satin Chanel nail polish (I'm not a goth either), but I haven't tried any other black nail polishes so I can't really compare it. If you do get it you will definately want to do a couple of coats and a top coat, because I find that it suprisingly does chip quite easily. I see your problem, but I don't think it looks 'goth' if you don't wear it with gothic clothes. Just check out the Haute Couture shows that were on in Paris, like Christian Lacroix. They had black nail polish and the clothes were definately not Gothic. If you don't want to try black I read that red is making a big comeback as the 'it' colour for nail polish, so you could try that one instead. Hope this helps :)
ew... black nail? yuck looks gothic to me no matter what outfit. go for a french mani or like red or pink, or purple. not black.
The chanel is great!!!

I Love it, the black is perfect for that haute couture look, not the goth look!!! but like the first answer, everyone is saying black is out, and white is in. I still do both!!

blacks so out! now its all about white!
uhm,why would u WANT to paint ur nails black???Get a french...duh.
Mac is good too. They have other very nice color's. Check it out
black looks chic on nails when you wear it with a cute outfit
it depends on the person.

i dont buy the chanel nailpolish.

i just buy thick black nailpolish.

(i go to a school where u cant wear nailpolish so thats why i dont buy the chanel.)
Yes you are correct..Chanel does have the best..but just b/c its Chanel that doesn't mean you look goth. You have to be careful what type of clothes you wear when your nails are black or it is clear that you are no where near emo/goth/skater or whatever else that normally paints their nails black..Soo Yeah just be careful.. =)
yes, it is the chanel, but its way too expensive, i suggest u buy a cheap one. oh, and if u paint ur nails black, make sure u dress colorful, hehe cuz if u wear black people will think u r a goth!

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