Monday, November 30, 2009

Whats a good nail polish color for the summer ?

i just want 2 no wat colors of nail polish i could get 4 the summer !!! plz plz plz tell meWhats a good nail polish color for the summer ?
For summer I really like lighter colors and I really like CHI and OPI for my nail polish brands. They're more money, but they don't chip and stay on for longer periods of time and since I tend to go swimming a lot it really works for me.

I really like a shimmery orange, bright red, a more light shimmery green, corals, and light shades of pink. I like yellow too, not a solid yellow but a more of a pearl-white yellow, so it has shimmery hints of peal white. I also really love lighter silvery blues in the summer or golds.

These colors look really nice in summer since summer itself is a very vibrant and happy time of the year for most people, and it's a nice way to reflect on summer with bright vibrant or elegant colors. Also, make sure the colors that you choose look good with your skin tone. Most colors will go with a large variety of skin tones, but just place the bottle up to your skin and see if you like it or not.

Don't forget base coats and top coats for the perfect finish!

Have a great summer,

Bri.Whats a good nail polish color for the summer ?
Summer colors for nail polish tend to be shades of pink, purple, coral, and even blues.

Depending on the shade of your skin, you'll want to pick a hue that compliments. Darker skinned women can pull off more dramatic colors than someone who is fair skinned.

I work at an Aveda salon, and these are some of the most popular colors right now. When possible, use OPI nail polish. It lasts a lot longer and doesn't chip as easily. =) Hope this helps!
Okay if you don't really wanna show off your nails i think you should go with a light pink and if you do wanna show them off i would go with a medium color of red kinda like this one:鈥?/a>

and if you don't think those are summer enough then try going with light blue, a yellow or a very nice parrot green color the parrot green should kinda look like this if you don't know what color im talking about鈥?/a>

I Hope I Helped!!!
hmm anything neon! especially green, hot pink, orange...white is also gud too

bright red. and well actaully any shade of red. people are wearing it on their fingernails and toenails with a pair of gladiators and it looks really nice :)
get a nice golden colour or a coral red colour very summer
any pinks, yellows, oranges
light orange, light yellow, lavender, hot pink or just pink, french. good luck! hahah =)
Coral looks good on almost any skin color and it's bright for summer.
I really like barbie pink colors.
hot pink %26amp; red... anything bright basically lol
black %26amp; white.

make it zebra.

animal prints are in.

i just got french with zebra tips for my nails (:
RED is always in style :)

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