Saturday, November 28, 2009

What color nail polish r u wearing?

alienic blue!

i mean, blue thats alien-likeee.



i ran out of purple!What color nail polish r u wearing?
on my hands: green, about to paint it a dark plumb

on my feet: different colors for different toes, orange, blue, red, purple, pinkWhat color nail polish r u wearing?
Not wearing any on my fingers, but my toes

do have some chipped red nail polish on them.
hot pink with ZEBRA stripes with glitter on top!!!!!!

they are AMAZIN♥!!!!!!
neon green with hot pink stripes.

i just went and got them done like an hour ago.
Silver!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥
french manicure baby!
Pearly pinkish white with a coat of glitter on the top.
no nailpolish
none at the moment.

i need to paint them.

sparkling baby pink :P
purple then a top coat with pink glitter
dark blue
dark blue :)
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