Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is the best nail polish brand?

I have always wanted dark brown and black that both last longer.

I love Charlize's nail polish color in this pic. It looks beautiful!!!鈥?/a>

Ohh, I want something that I can find easily in Van, Canada!!

Thanks in advanceWhat is the best nail polish brand?
revlon it lasts a long timeWhat is the best nail polish brand?
Hi and Greetings from a Coquitlam transvestite... Obviously, I dress to the nines, and in reference to your inquiry, you can't go wrong one iota via OPI.. It's available in many places including London Drug, many nail salons, and even right here in a store within Lougheed Mall...

Hope this helps...

Good Luck,

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I use NYC nail polish. I use the black one all the time... without a base coat. It's cheap and it can chip quickly if you don't use a top coat but it doesn't turn my nails yellow.

Rimmel 60 seconds vinyl shine! very commoon to find and its amazing =]
I like L'oreal and Sally Hansen
i think MAC is the best
i love O.P.I go to there website to check if they sell it near u

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