Monday, November 30, 2009

What do u think about white nail polish?

is it yay or nay?What do u think about white nail polish?
white polish looks best in french manicure

if u want to paint it on the whole nails, ur nails should be in perfect shape, and u should paint the polish carefully dont leave any flaw.

white polish is unique, simple, and can go with ANYthing.What do u think about white nail polish?
I don't think it looks very good; I usually put a coat on before I put another color on, and it looks horrible. It is pretty bright, and attracts attention to the fingernails and makes the skin a gross color.

That is just me though.

its really cute, and if your pale then it makes you look darker kinda (you know what i mean) and if you have darker skin it looks amazing; so yay!
I personally have no problem with it so yay, but my older sister thinks its really gross.

Its a matter of preference, I guess.
thats pretty much all i use!!!

yay, but I don't wear it alone very often. I prefer to use it under a neon colour which makes the neon more vivid.
i like the creamy white or milky white ( don't know the right word for it :) )
Good for French tips!
well i think its alright but i don't wear it very much it all depends on if you like it!
Nay, i like the white translucent one
i like it. it looks good with anything, so i mostly wear white or light pinks because i don't like bright colours
Nay,I think a pearly white would be better.
its good for french nails but i dont think it looks good for other styles
I love it, it's chic.

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