Monday, November 30, 2009

Nail Polish: Black with sparkles or plain sparkles?

im going to florida so i want to paint my nails. i always paint my nails in black but its just to plain. ive tried painting it with layers of sparkles which looks really shiny . ive tried black with sparkles but which do you think looks better? a nail that is all sparkly ( like my entire nail is sparkles)or black nail polish with sparkles?Nail Polish: Black with sparkles or plain sparkles?
i like plain matte nail polish, no sparkles or metallic.

try matte hunter green (Urban Outfitters) or matte chocolate brown (Revlon from Walgreens)

its much cuter and in style this summerNail Polish: Black with sparkles or plain sparkles?
thennn doo something difffferentttt !(:

likeeee bright colors, since its floridaaa! if you dont likee wearing bright pink or orange, then try a french manicure!
okay so paint them pink or red, then paint black over it, then when their some-what dry, take a toothpick and scratch zebra stripes into it, then when its dry, paint sparkles over it
black with sparkles looks good.

also, you can do a design such as black and white polka dots, or

black with a white floral design, or a black and white manicure.

I think u should do Black with the layers of sparkles. It'll really stand out at the beach! I hope I helped :)



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