Thursday, December 3, 2009

With blond hair what nail polish is best?

Im a real blond not a fake i was just wondering?

It might sound weird but school is coming and i need to noWith blond hair what nail polish is best?
light pink or light purple or bubble gum pink

but if you have blonde hair and light skin like Scarlett Johannson, stick to light colours for your nails!With blond hair what nail polish is best?
im a natural blonde too, i stick with colors like hot pink, neon orange and bright purple, if your feeling risky, and you have a tan, you can pull of black

these kinda colors really show your fun side and youll get tons of complements casue no one misses your nails
this color!!..鈥?/a>
you can wear whatever color you want. just stay away from too darkor colors.
well i have like blondish.. sanddy hair like in my avatar and i wear like a lighish blue color nail polish and i think it looks cute!

good luck.

Bright neon colours are hot. Fuschia, electric blue, sapphire green, etc.
reds,light pastels love the essie collection
Stick to light colors I would think..

Light pinks, blues, purples

The colour of your hair does not determine what colour nail polish you should wear. Silly.
you need to go by skin tone.

not hair color my dearrr.

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