Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snagged pantyhose - nail polish or just throw 'em out?

I now must wear pantyhose for work, and at $30 a pair (Wolfords, the best!) I hate it when they run (not very often as compared to cheaper brands, but it does happen.) I am careful about my nails, and that helps too.

If it matters, I only wear sheer to waist black or navy blue.Snagged pantyhose - nail polish or just throw 'em out?
If it's a small snag that may cause a run, definitely put a dot of clear nail polish to freeze it. If it's already run, throw 'em out.Snagged pantyhose - nail polish or just throw 'em out?
save them and wear the pantyhose under your slacks much as they cost ,wolfords feel great on and our very comfotable to wear .i have a few pairs of them and love wearing them ,hanes pantyhose are nice to in silky sheers
come to the uk our tights ( pantyhose)? are really cheap and dont run!!!
As the others have said, a small snag can be prevented from becoming a run by applying a small dab of nailpolish over it. The nail polish acts to lock the fibers together and prevent further separation. Obviously, you'll want to use clear polish.

Also, with respect to the poster that mentioned brands in the UK, there is an online store ( that carries a variety of UK and European styles and their pricing is reasonable.

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