Thursday, December 3, 2009

What color nail polish with prom dress?

here's a picture of the dress:

i have a nail polish the same color as the dress. also i'm not afraid of color. what color do you think would look best with this dress?What color nail polish with prom dress?
I would wear a french manicure, but I am older.

I think the same color blue would be too much.

Sparkly silver

Sparkly pink

Sparkly light blue

Love the dress!What color nail polish with prom dress?
luv the dress

do not luv the idea of a french manicure or pink! that would be horrible!

its too boring to go with such a great dress.

U definitly need a glittery silver. It matches the shoes if that is what you are going for. Also gold would look cool but they are hanukah colours. If you dont wanna go woth matching colours I would go for something INSANE. like a bright color no one has ever worn. You will be a big hit at the prom!
i love your dress! it's almost the exact color as my prom dress, and i plan on getting either a french mani/pedi or doing something with a deep metallic purple like this:鈥?/a>

hope this helps...have fun!
I'd say the color of the dress with white tips.

Or just a plain french manicure, white tips.

Or just a light coat of white would look nice.
you should defffinatly go with just a plain french manicure the dress is stunning so i think your nails should be plain white manicure. :D
a nice vibrant red would be really nice...or a french mani also would look cute..just don't do the same as the dress i think that would be a bit much for it..
The color of the dress.

French tips.

A clear nail with a blue design.

Blue tips.
I think you should color your nails of the same color of your accessories and shoes.......and thats a really nice dress by the way
Color is good but you could on a clear fake nail then make a little pattern with the nail polish.
The same color would be good, or silver too.

Nude or light pink always looks good with about anything too!
I would do the color of the dress with little sparkly tips.
I would go with turquoise.

That dress is gorgeous! (:
i think french manicure on fingers and toes or you could have fun with a silver with light blue tips..
i would go with french tips LOVE THE DRESS!!! or tips of ur dress color

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