Thursday, December 3, 2009

Deep Berry Nail Polish colour?

I am looking for a gorgeous deep berry nail colour for the winter. I want a brownish colour rather than a reddish one...I also love OPI...can you suggest me a particular colour from the range?Deep Berry Nail Polish colour?
i get my nails done every too weeks and i just got a berry color on

its by opi too here is a link below

i like personally- all laquered up,im not really a waitress, mrs o leary bbq,Deep Berry Nail Polish colour?
go to sally's beauty supply, you will figure this one out for yourself.In order to be your own fashion, only YOU can decide, you know, or do you care if what you are wearing came from someone Else's idea? I mean well, just original is best.
Umm sorry no since I'm not at a store, but I know that if you go to certain makeup places, there's people there who can help you choose the right berry color of nail stuff. BTW, I love OPI too!
burgundy darker with a little red you can mix em up i guess

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