Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you have China Glaze Nail Polish?

I bought a China Glaze nail lacquer today and noticed two little black balls were rolling around in there...together...they just stuck side by side...

I was just flipping the bottle over and noticed the two little balls.

If you have China Glaze, can you check at the bottom of your bottles too? What are they?

Is that the hardener?If you have China Glaze Nail Polish?
a lot of nail polishes have that, so it's normal , don't worry. It's there to help you mix the polish as you shake it. This way, the liquids in the polish mix well and you will have a really nice colourIf you have China Glaze Nail Polish?
Yeah I have that it mine too. Thats just to help mix it when you shake it. I love China glaze its so much better than OPI to me.
sometimes they have little balls in nail polish and i think it helps mixing it up when you shake it.......
Mine has that too. I think it helps the nailpolish.
they help when u shake the nailpolish.. to mix it and keep it from drying out.

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