Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can you wear a solid white nail polish ?

okay so i mostly seen white nail polish on people with short nails but i have long nails and i was wondering would they still look niceCan you wear a solid white nail polish ?
my friend does and she has super LONG nails so yea it may look right!!

hope this helpsCan you wear a solid white nail polish ?
In my own experience, no.
they will look cute, also to make them a little even better try getting a blck design done on them.
what about if you buy a bottle of white nail polish AND some nail polish REMOVER and try it out, then if it doesn't you can just wipe it all off.

simple :)
no becuz maybe you shoudl file down your nails and maybe that might work becuz if its long its gon take the whole style outt.
I think it would look even better on long nails! White nail polish on long nails looks great! I found this picture online:鈥?/a>

See? not all people wear white nail polish on short nails! :]

Hope I helped :)
As long as they're painted on nicely, they should look fine.

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