Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is it a sin to wear black nail polish?

Nope, i think it's the best color to see on a girl's nails.Is it a sin to wear black nail polish?
no it is not a sin. unless like ur parents or sumthing told u not to. the ten commandments says to obey and respect ur 'rents so as long as its ok with them and any other thing thats in the commandments then Im gonna have to say noIs it a sin to wear black nail polish?
oh for goodness sakes. God does not care what you look like. He cares about whats in your heart and the kind of person you are. Preachers tell you this crap to control you. Its called religion not christianity.
I'm sure some zealous nut out there thinks it is. So yes. Tis a sin.
I wear it quite often.

It's one of my favorite colors.
Black fingernails! Red wine! I wanna make you... all mine!
If so then I'm sinning right now.
yes you will go to hell

he he he he
hope not cause ill sure go to hell D:
oh no! I'm in trouble :(

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