Thursday, December 3, 2009

French pedicure or coloured nail polish?

I'm wearing a purple dress with silver sandals and cream heels (I'm going to have to swap) in a show soon.

What should I do with my toes - french pedicure so it goes with everything, or a coloured nail polish (what colour?)??

Please help me guys =)French pedicure or coloured nail polish?
I'd go with the a color,a shimmery sort of silver color that will go with everything but it will seem as you gave it more thought than the French pedicure.

Hope it helps.French pedicure or coloured nail polish?
I don't really like the look of French pedicures, so I would suggest either clear toenail polish or dark purple. Oh, and don't forget to wear an ankle bracelet.

Girls have the cutest feet, and guys like me appreciate when they take good care of them and make them pretty! :)
French is always a classic look and it goes with everything.

They look elegant and aren't flashy.

They'll make you look very clean. :)
french pedicure definitely... very elegant and as you said goes with anything.
definately french pedicure
french , looks neater and mature (=
french or pink
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