Thursday, December 10, 2009

What are some nail polish colors for summer?

any suggestions?

thanksWhat are some nail polish colors for summer?
Yellow, pink, aqua, green, orange, red.What are some nail polish colors for summer?
Neons are really in but they are VERY bold. French nails are always a classic look but can get very expensive. You can also do them yourself with kits like this one鈥?/a>

Also pinks, soft reds, and magenta is what I see people wearing a lot.
Bright colours =]

Ive got red nail varnish on at the moment =]
Bright colors are in right now. Like bright hot pink, yellow, green, aqua, etc.
bright color like yellow orange bright pink and light and bright blues red
orange, pink, purple, blue, bright green. whatever colors u like! (make them either neon or bright)
neon bright colors

Hi there!

It really depends on what you're into!

If you're more of a traditional girl, peach is in this summer. A light pinky peach with a little bit of shimmer on your finger and toe nails will look great! Shades of off white are also big if peach doesn't look good on your skin tone.

If you're a little edgy, then yellow is where it's at. Everywhere I look I see a short yellow manicure and I love it! Also, if you're into something a little darker, deep plums and maroons look great on just about any skin tone!

As for nail length, short nails are definitely in!

Good luck!

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