Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bright yellow nail polish? On fingers or toes?

I keep reading in fashion magazines that bright yellow nail polish is in this summer. But are you supposed to wear it on your nails or your toenails?Bright yellow nail polish? On fingers or toes?
As long as you are pretty tan or have dark skin, yellow is great! Especially on toenails, but if airbrushed with another color like white or pink (at a salon), VERY pretty on fingernails!Bright yellow nail polish? On fingers or toes?
well i would wear both........u kno to match with each other
toes would be cool
niether, fashion no-no!
it doesn't matter

either way it looks awsome
Toes, definitely. It would brighten up your feet, especially with a toe ring, sandals and an ankle bracelet.
I think it looks kewl on toes
It all depends on your skin complexcion. If your darker you should deffinitly wear yellow in a pattern, like nail design art. either on your toes or hands. yellows always been ever if your a fairer skin tone you can get away with it on your feet. no one looks good with just yellow on their hands.
Your toes.

That would look soooooooooooo bad please dont look like a

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