Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whats your fav type of nail polish/varnish ?

My personal favourite nail varnish brand is Revlon and I have about 30 bottles of all kinds of colours..

I was just wondering what people think their favourite is ... and whats it like (if they are bright colours, not all blotchy, lasts long, price 'don't care if its cheap or expensive')

also i would like to hear of nail varnishes you've had bad experiences with -- that you would never useWhats your fav type of nail polish/varnish ?
I like OPI. They have tons of colors, and they all have cool names, like Pompei Purple and My Auntie drinks Chianti. The color is good, the nailpolish takes forever to dry out (I've got the same nailpolish I've had since third grade, 6 years ago) and the color takes forever to chip unless you try to chip it on purpose.Whats your fav type of nail polish/varnish ?
I prefer to wear Revlon, OPI and Rimmel, they are my favorite brands.
My favorite so far is Rimmel. Its not the best when it comes to long wear. But its got a great color/shine to it and dries freakishly quick.
I sell Mary Kay so I used to love that (until they canceled it) now I'm in love with the ';opal glaze'; in pink.
I usually use Sally Hansen for some reason I have never really had any luck with OPI I always find it too thick and hard to work with.
I might suggest you branch out from Revlon as they don't last as long as some other brands available these days. OPI and Essie are FANTASTIC, great colors (updated every season), long-wearing, and lower chemical content.

Always remember to put on a good base coat before your polish- such as Sally Hansen's base coat, then 2 coats of polish, and a nice top coat to prevent chips.

Best of luck!
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