Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sharpie and Nail Polish effects on skin?

My friends and I often give eachother sharpie, or nail polish tattoos for fun, I was wondering what could happen to our skin, because we do this almost every day, we usually put it on our arms and hands and occasionally on our face and neck, but only a little if we do that, I was just wondering what could happen, thanks =]Sharpie and Nail Polish effects on skin?
Its not safe. Nail polish is full of chemicals that are unhealthy. thats why you said always paint your nails in an open aried room so you don't breath it in, and you shouldnt put it on when your pregnant becasue the smell may be harmful to an unborn baby. when you put it on your skin it blocks it, so that your skin cant breath. if it was on for an extended amount of time it can actually suffocate your skin. the chemicals in the nail polish also absorb into your skin and can get into your bloodstream. so it really isn't safe. i wouldnt do it anymore. Stick to nails!! Thats what its for.

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