Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does Nail Polish Cause Brain Damage?

I paint them all the time, my mom yells at me, but I have the fan on. (We don't have AC in Germany) It still smells to me, and I don't like the smell, so I know I'm not getting high off of it. Just want to know. Thanks!Does Nail Polish Cause Brain Damage?
oh well, there are chemicals in the nail polish that will kill brain cells. but its nothing to worry about because you would have to kill MILLIONS of brain cells to actually damage your brain. so, don't worry about it.Does Nail Polish Cause Brain Damage?
Not sure about the brain damage, but it definately damages your nails.
i think if you take the whole bottle of polish and sniff it like all the time non stop then yes you can get high and cause brain damage....but just polishing your nails and toe nails then i think you are okay........
try Nippon paint..
you shouldnt smell it too much...and dont sniff it cuz thats prtty bad..too

you live in germany.. coolness.. australia aint all its talked up too i should no i live there i meen it needs a little ...spice or something its usually boring cept for the goldcoast and surfers paradise (places in australia) wish i could live somewhere interesting!

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