Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do the ';nail-polish-like'; nail strengtheners really work?

I think they do make a difference, but really only while you are wearing them. I have only tried the ones that are just like clear nail polish, and they look really nice, they give your nails a shine that looks wonderful. I would definitly recommend trying them, even if it is just for the look.

Thanks for asking, good luck!Do the ';nail-polish-like'; nail strengtheners really work?
A little bit.

I have bit my nails for years and i tried them to get m nails stronger and nicer looking. But I just see a little difference. Maybe after you use for months you might see a difference.Do the ';nail-polish-like'; nail strengtheners really work?
Yes! I love 'em. Try the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Formula. It makes nails extra pretty and shiny.

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