Thursday, December 3, 2009

What nail polish color look good on brown (not dark) skin?

im not blak by he way, lol.What nail polish color look good on brown (not dark) skin?
I think the best thing is a french manicure. But if you don't want to have a french manicure all summer here is what I do:

I paint my nails with french manicure polish. Then I take a thin acrylic overlay to protect it. Then if you choose to wear a different color that matches your outfit all you have to do is apply two coats over the french manicure to change the color.

Then if you want to go back to the french manicure all you have to do is use NON-ACETONE nail polish to take of the polish and then you will have your french manicure back.

This is so convenient because french manicure goes with anything and if you don't have time to polish your nails you can still have a great look for summer.

All of my nail clients love this! Give it a try!

Good luck to you! ~What nail polish color look good on brown (not dark) skin?
Red or burgundy nail polish look better on brown or dark skin girls. I am light skinned and don't think those colors look good on me.. so I go for lights. I think they look so much better on them.
ooo try ';pales'; from avon in the nail polish section they look really nice
Preferably a brighter color, in order to show contrast to the skin.
neutrals light colors
OPI brand... Pompeii Purple... It's my summer favorite!!!
shimmery colors are good. blues, some greens, mabey some pinks and reds. plum could be a good one also.
I like neutral colors like Shiny Gold, Champagne, Cotton Candy
SinfulColors Professional; color #776 Glass Pink

I got my bottle at Meijers, but you can probably get it in Wal-Mart or on the Net.
you can use a light pink with a tint of orange it looks good and brings out your tan
PINK! and other pastels
orange,hot pink,fire engine red--i go bold-lol
If you are not black then what color are you?
a bright red

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