Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nail Polish On Carpet! HELP?

I accidentally spilled red nail polish on beige carpet. I stupidly tried rubbing it with remover and it lightened the stain a little but also made it spread. I can't go to the store right now, so does anyone have anything I might have at home to get rid of the stain? My mother's in Italy and is getting back Friday so I REALLY don't want her to come home to this. HELP!Nail Polish On Carpet! HELP?
Apparently this happens alot...鈥?/a>Nail Polish On Carpet! HELP?
Get some Barbasol shaving cream. It has to be Barbasol brand. Spray the shaving cream onto the carpet and stain. Rub it in well with your fingers. Rub it dry with a paper towel.
never rub a stain blot it or it'll spread like it did. use more remover an blot keep doin that til it's gone.

You're soooo screwed. Have fun being ';grounded.';
Use some windex. That usually works for my sister.

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