Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is nail polish remover a cheap way to get rid of acne?

since nail polish remover basically has the same contents as OTC acne treatmentsIs nail polish remover a cheap way to get rid of acne?
Aaaa, Yea

Let us know how things worked out...Is nail polish remover a cheap way to get rid of acne?
Not when you use it as directed. The ingredients in nail polish remover may include sacyllic acid (I'm guessing), and sacyllic acid may help treat acne, but you know what else will get rid of acne? A blow torch. Should you also put a blow torch to your face? How about pure sacyllic acid?

It's best to stick to using those products for the purpose they were created -- softening metal and removing nail polish.
Absolutely not, if you have bad acne i recommend seeing a dermatologist, who can prescribe the good stuff. Store-bought stuff if only good for small out breaks.

I've heard people say to use toothpaste or alcohol but all that would is dry out your skin, I'm sure nail polish remover would do the same,
It might, but it is much, much harsher. You might be better off trying a DILUTED witch hazel treatment; something that will kill of the bacteria causing the acne without harming your face. It is usually pretty cheap and you can get it at any drugstore or supermarket.
When you look at the directions does it say to use for acne?

No - it's highly toxic and could cause major eye damage.

Not a good idea.

Products for acne have been tested so you can use it on your face. If over the counter acne products do not work consult a dermatologist.
Huh, never heard of that one before. Nail polish remover is a harsher chemical I would imagine because it goes on your tough nails and not on the sensitive face. Plus, getting it in your eyes and around your mouth or nose is dangerous.
Don't use that on your face. For acne, get clearasil. It stops the stuff from coming before it begins. I use it. It be awesome!

They are these little acne pads. Soaked in some junket, and they get rid of oils and such.

seriously i tried a couple of years ago and my whole face turned thiw awful pink with redder blotchy spots, plus it rlly stug and hurt in places i didnt even hav acne in. it must hav sum weird chemicals in it or something
My suggestion would be not to use chemicals in ways they're not meant to be used. Even the slightest difference in chemical balances in the product could do bad damage to the skin on your face. Good luck.
i've never tried for reason 1. i dont have acne, and 2. thats ridiculous. common sense says no. it might burn or get worse.

also it would eat through your skin... its an acid.
Of course not.

If you left a drop of remover on your nail overnight, it would eat all the way through the nail because it's acid.

It's not good for your skin!
No, it is highly drying and will irritate your skin like no other, especially if you have sensitive skin! Just buy normal skin products! It's worth it.
nope...try clean and clear i think it's 2.88 at walmart. you only have to use a little, and leave it on till it tingles.
Well, like Petrol is a good hand cleanser- if you want skin cancer a few years down the line.
dont ever do that!!!!! RUBBING ALCOHOL not nail polish remover, i guess you need to listen to better acne killers:)
If you want to get rid of the top few layers of your skin, go for it.
no, nail polish remover will probably just dry out your skin and give you a rash.
only if ingested in proper amounts.
Noooo please don't put that on your face.
im pretty sure its not,theres a reason why it was made for nails and not the face:P
No! Don't mistreat your skin. It will revenge : )
NO! it will make your skin dry, irritated and hurt you, dont put that on your face!
i dout putting nail polish remover would help...well i might just dry it out alot.
dont be silly
i dont think you wanna put that on your face..
hmm don't know? never tried it. i've heard toothpaste and other household products but never heard that one before

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