Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nail Polish mishap?

my kids spilled nail polish on the wall and carpet what will clean it up and not ruine either one PLEASE HELP wife is expecting our third child and going to loose it if i don't find a sloution soonNail Polish mishap?
Hi Russel,

Here are a few things that have helped me remove some of my childrens stains. Go Joe or Goo gone, Clorox Oxi Magic, olive oil or WD 40. I would try one of the first two mentioned first. good luckNail Polish mishap?
Appearantly you should framed it and let every one see it!! I could be worse, he could of taken his poopy diaper off and scooted down the stairs and left a poop line on the stairs while you were almost finished with cleaning the house. Could be right ???
actually I would consider it family art and treasure it for years!!!!!
try nail polish remover. i dont know if that will damage the pain on your wall though

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