Thursday, December 3, 2009

What nail polish are you gona use for new year? ;D?

Pink with gold streaks and some sparkless....What nail polish are you gona use for new year? ;D?
hot pink with glitterWhat nail polish are you gona use for new year? ;D?
mmm, prolly nothing.....
blue with pink streaks... not a manicure im just good at painting my nails lol
Black with silver sparkles
im painting my nails red tonight
Nice of you to ask , I have decided to let my fingernails and toenails go without any nail polish in order for them to be able to breathe for the New Year.
rainbow! red green purple blue orange!

i love having original colors!
I got my nails like Fergie has them on Blender Magazine's Cover. There blue and white.
opi's my private jet which is like a gun metal black with a multicolor glittery shine......Happy New Year!!
Metallic silver!
Well, I want to do black...but my parents hate it so I cant I'll probably just do boring pink.
black,I like to stay simple,but since my dress is black with a white belt and my shoes are black and white I would have liked to do a black and white french manicure(you know,with black instead of transparent)but I messed my nails up,so I'm just doing black =\
I am going to use this nail polish that is a mix between a pink and a red.

i'm thinking white or really bright day-glo colors.

we already did black, vamp, bridal....

time for something new!
Navy Blue or Dark Red Pink or dark Purple
color concept .. im gonna do a manicure .. i wanna start of the year nicely .. and then go wild.. i always have
Why do you need to wear nail polish for new year's? I never thought it was required?

Anyways, I'm wearing this really really white-pink with sparkles.
black with a top coat of clear
I changed From Black last night to Blood Red With Very Dark Blue Spots Hehe it looks Nice on My Long nails.
pinkish off-white
sparkles babyyyy!
I'm Not Really a Waitress by OPI w/ Sally Hansen Diamond topcoat for a silvery shimmer!
GOLD bring in the new year with shine ;)
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