Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remove Nail Polish From A Purse?

A bottle of my pink nail polish kinda broke open inside of my purse.. How can i remove it from the lining? I've tryed nail polish remover and it hasn't worked. the purse was a xmas gift so i really don't want to dispose of it. How can i remove nail polish from a purse?Remove Nail Polish From A Purse?
If the nail polish cannot be seen from the outside of the purse, I would just leave it in there. Trying to remove it will cause more damage to the purse than it's worth. And you might end up ruining the bag altogether - so I'd leave it alone.

Good luck!

ymmfRemove Nail Polish From A Purse?
I had that happen on the outside of a suede purse that cost me like $80 or so. I was doing my nails and the bottle spilled and leaked all over the side of my purse. I ended up throwing it away because it never was the same after that no matter how hard I tried to get rid of the stain. But yours is on the inside so it won't be as bad.
oh that sucks im not sure

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