Monday, June 21, 2010

Will Goo Gone take nail polish out of my BRAND NEW jeans?

I was painting my friends nails and the nail polish fell and a huge spot of it is now on my new jeans. I immediately used nail polish remover which didnt do much. That all happened yesterday so now the nail polish is dry. i read online that Goo Gone is good to take out those kind of stains, but i used it and it hasnt done anything yet. Help?!Will Goo Gone take nail polish out of my BRAND NEW jeans?
The product that is most recommended to remove nail polish is a simple non-oily or acetone nail polish remover. Whatever you use to remove nail polish, do not use bleach, as it will leave large white spots on your fabric. Although acetone nail polish remover can be very harsh to fabrics, most will withstand a spot treatment. Some say that non-acetone nail polish remover can be less harsh than acetone when used to remove nail polish. However, fabrics made of acetate will be severely damaged with acetone. If the nail polish spill occurs on an acetate fabric, it should be professionally laundered or cleaned in order to remove nail polish.It is important to catch the nail polish stain as early as possible to avoid drying and setting. Test the fabric with acetone in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.Attack the spot with a bit of acetone on a clean cloth. Try not to get too much into the fabric鈥檚 fibers to prevent damage. Dab and blot to remove nail polish from the fabric. Keep blotting until color no longer transfers to the cloth. Use as much acetone as necessary to keep removing the nail polish. If color remains, you may have to bring out the bigger guns and go to work using your muscle and a stiff brush. Depending on the strength of the fabric, scrubbing to remove the nail polish may do the trick. I hope this helps!!!! If not get more polish and put it all over the jeans as a design and start a trend/fashion statement.

Will Goo Gone take nail polish out of my BRAND NEW jeans?
Try acetone from Home Depot or some other hardware store. If it gets it out, let the acetone evaporate completely then wash the jeans by themselves. Don't dry them in the dryer just yet. If the stain is gone, wash them again and then you can dry them and use the washer for other clothes as acetone is flammable and you don't want to blow up your dryer.
I do not think so. Goo-Gone contains d-Limonene, a natural solvent from the oils in citrus skins. It works much like petroleum distillates like mineral spirits and naphtha (or even turpentine). But none of those solvents will dissolve cured lacquer or acrylic, the common nail polish substances. It works well on waxes, grease, inks, etc., but not nail polish.
try SOL-U-MEL, works awesome on all kinds of stains, smells, glues, etc...

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